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The Dark Knight Trilogy Heros Journey - 1559 Words

The Dark Knight Trilogy 1. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell into an empty well filled with bats and developed a major phobia of them. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents get murdered by a mugger by the name of Joe Chill when he was young. After years of being raised by his butler, Alfred, he decides that he is going to kill Joe Chill before he testifies against Mob Boss Falcone. At the courthouse, Bruce stands and waits, gun in hand. He is too late, for one of Falcone’s goons kill Chill before Bruce gets a chance. Bruce decides to pay Falcone a visit and gets more than he bargains for when he is insulted and told that his father â€Å"Begged like a dog† before he was killed. This†¦show more content†¦Our hero has decided to stick to his moral compass and keep fighting crime, which unfortunately leads to Rachels death. The Joker has kidnapped Rachel and Harvey in two separate buildings strapped to a warehouse sized bomb. Batman has to decide between love and law, and he chooses to save Harvey, as Rachel dies in the timed explosion. 7. Apostasies Batman, having faced death numerous amounts of times, has become more than just a human. He is able to fight evil, like never before and he is rewarded, often by glorification. However, this is where the story plot messes with our minds a little bit, because it isnt Bruce Wayne who receives the reward of glorification; it is Harvey who attains that feeling. The Joker issues an ultimatum that people will die each day unless Batman reveals his identity; as a result, Bruce plans to reveal his identity, but Harvey Dent instead names himself as Batman to protect the truth. Batman encounters more decisions to make; he must sacrifice himself to the city he loves. He merely must become the villain, in order for true peace to exist in Gotham. 8. Refusal Of Return Having reached his goals, having saved his people, Batman doesn’t see a need to return to normal life and pain. When The Dark Knight Rises story begins, Bruce Wayne is now a deep hiding in his manor. A source of stories and tales suggest tales of him being messed up and disfigured. John BlakeShow MoreRelatedThe Hero with One Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell1447 Words   |  6 PagesThe Adolescent’s Journey Many of the stories that have been told for centuries, or have recently been created, incorporate the story of a young innocent character who embarks on a journey and becomes a hero, known as The Hero’s Journey; a series of steps that all heroes follow. This journey not only shows the main character becoming a hero but also shows the hero move along a path similar to that of adolescence, the path between childhood and maturity. The Hero’s Journey was created by a man byRead MoreCompare And Contrast Batman And Theseus And The Minotaur2332 Words   |  10 Pages(Lebarge web) The Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur has evolved into the modern trilogy of Batman which, when deconstructed, reveals how the selfish motivations of these supposed heroes can be perceived as heroic under the right circumstances. (Lebarge web) In the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur the young Athenian prince Theseus sets out on a hero’s journey to conquer the Minotaur and gain fame. On Theseus’s journey he encounters multiple obstacles, which he overcomes with the help of differentRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Superman 1264 Words   |  6 Pagesbecomes a different person because of the challenges they’ve faced. Luke Skywalker, following Conrad’s archetypal hero’s journey, goes from a typical, whiney teen to destroying the Death Star. On the farm, he longs to be free, independent and find his place in the world and by the end of Star Wars he’s flying among the stars and a hero to the rebellion. The Captain American movie trilogy arcs Steve Rogers, as well. In movie one, Steve is the super patriot willing to do everything – including undergoing

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Bullying Is Becoming More Spread At An Alarming And...

Bullying in schools is becoming more spread at an alarming and dangerous rate. Specifically,School systems that are commonly viewed as excellent sources of receiving education are becoming a host of parasitic bullying, negatively affecting students learning environments. The presence of bullying is presented like a disease and is growing. It has reached a point that to prevent it from becoming worse, school systems need to intervene or establish stricter policies towards anti-bullying so that students have the ability to learn in a healthy environment. In the United States, forty-eight states have established anti-bullying laws. As this is portrayed as a law, schools and other facilities need to ensure that it is continuously enforced. In spite of anyone at any age being a victim of bullying, children and teenagers are the primary targets.Children and teenagers are either the actual bully or the victims of bullying. Forms of bullying include cyber,emotional,verbal,physical and in some extreme cases sexual. Notwithstanding the awareness of certain bullying cases, school systems disciplinary action are becoming concerning. There is little to no intervention to correct,nor stop the bully if there is no witness or verbal communication to the problem. This gives the bully more advantage in the school system than the school system taking action. More often than not, school systems do not want the reputation drawn to them that they have a bullying problem. Thus, leavingShow MoreRelatedBullying Is Becoming More Spread At An Alarming And Dangerous Rate Essay1193 Words   |  5 Pages General Purpose:Bullying in schools is becoming more spread at an alarming and dangerous rate. Specific Purpose:School systems that are commonly viewed as excellent sources of receiving an education are becoming a host of parasitic bullying, negatively affecting students learning environments. Central Idea: The presence of bullying is growing. It has reached a point that as it is becoming worse in school systems and is affecting students of all ages. This calls for a need of intervention or theRead MoreCyberbullying : What Is It? Essay1754 Words   |  8 Pagesis â€Å"the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. This type of bulling is often carried out through the use of internet. According to Dr. Martyn Wild’s quote, â€Å"Cyber-bullying is poised to turn into the biggest online concern, already affecting up to 35% of all children.† Harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages by an unknown person is a form of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying also occurs â€Å"when a childRead MoreGeneral Electric60506 Words   |  243 Pagesselection, added performance, better service, more attractive styling, technological superiority, or unusually good value for the money. c. Focusing on a narrow market niche. d. Developing expertise and resource strengths that give the company competitive capabilities that rivals cannot easily imitate or trump with capabilities of their own. 4. Most companies realize that winning a durable competitive edge over rivals hinges more on building competitively valuable expertiseRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pageswith the most effective instructor and student resources With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teachingRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pageset al. provide a highly readable account of ideas, perspectives and practices of organization. By thoroughly explaining, analyzing and exploring organization theory the book increases the understanding of a field that in recent years has become ever more fragmented. Organization theory is central to managing, organizing and reflecting on both formal and informal structures, and in this respect you will find this book timely, interesting and valuable. Peter Holdt Christensen, Associate Professor, Copenhagen

Clothe of Nakedness free essay sample

Indiscipline among the youth can be defined as the repulsive or unpleasant Individual behavior that Is disapproved by the society. Below are the causes, effects and suggested solutions to save the nation from the danger. Causes The breakdown of traditional family life. This is one of the major factors that account for indiscipline among the youth in the society. The introduction of formal education has led to the breakdown of traditional family system and this breakdown has led to a situation where children are denied he training provided by members of the extended family.The traditional controls and sanctions that regulates the behavior of children are absent on children whose parents have divorced or traveled. Peer group Influence. This Is another major cause of Indiscipline; Individuals can become Indiscipline through peer pressure. This is because youth learn a lot from their peers and as they will always want to be with their peers, they exercise more influence on them. We will write a custom essay sample on Clothe of Nakedness or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Influence of the media As the youth are easily by things the see, hear, and read from the mass media, both electronic and print media, they tend to copy these things which leads to indiscipline.It is noted that individuals who are Indiscipline become thieves, prostitutes and armed robbers because of the affluent lives that social misfits portray In the foreign movies that they watch. Exposure to foreign culture The youth also become Indiscipline as a result of their exposure to western lifestyle through contacts and travels. It is noted that when the youth come into contact with foreigners who come into the country as tourist or travel abroad to meet these regions, they are influenced to copy their lifestyles. They wear their dresses the way foreigners do, exposing vital parts of their body. Effects It leads to ostracism This Is when Individuals who are Indiscipline are rejected by family members and friends because no one will like to associate himself with such person who is indiscipline. It leads to breakdown of law and order. Indiscipline leads to the breakdown of law and order because such people take the law into their own hands . The laws have been established to regulate the behavior ofIt leads to strained family ties Since being indiscipline is a disgrace to members of one family, this gives room for other people to say all sorts of bad things about the family, they may disown such person. No family member will be happy to associate with an indiscipline member of the family. Suggested solutions Efficient law enforcement systems To check indiscipline, the law enforcement agencies police, court and prisons should perform their duties effectively since indiscipline leads to deviant b ehaviors such as armed robbery, prostitution, smoking and others, the police are expected to arrest such people and also law breakers. The court also imposes punishment on indiscipline people. Better example and leadership by the older generation Since the youth see adults as role models and will want to copy the things they do, adults in society should lead good exemplary lives so that they will drift them (the youth) away from engaging in immoral practices. Control of the media To check indiscipline, the media both electronic and the print should be controlled.The programs and publications of various radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines should be censored to rid them of pornographic and violent elements that might lead to indiscipline among the youth. Enforcement of discipline in schools Indiscipline can be controlled if school authorities ensure that students adhere rigidly to school rules and regulations should be punished to prevent repetition of their actions and to serve as deterrent to others. Discipline will thus, shape the lives of the youth to become responsible adults.

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My Happy Husband Essay Example

My Happy Husband Essay My Happy Husband In life, sometimes we meet new people who could change our lives for better or worse. I met my husband in the place that I work and since that day we have become the most inseparable friends in the world. I believed my husband is one of the happiest men alive: he is funny, positive, inspiring, spiritual, and friendly. He is a very funny person. All the time he has a positive attitude. He inspired me to be the best. He is a spiritual man. He is a friendly person. All these qualities make Christian so special. My husband is the most adorable man. He is quite good looking. He is six feet tall, weighs one hundred seventy seven pounds. He has a round face with small brown eyes, olive skin, and curly dark hair like many Spanish people. His hair is black with a fewer silver strands throughout. He speaks in a soft voice as if he was whispering, and constantly uses his hands when he speaks. He has a great sense of style, so he always looks well dressed even in casual clothes, and his cologne smells sweet but masculine. For me he is the most attractive man. Chris is the funniest person. We will write a custom essay sample on My Happy Husband specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on My Happy Husband specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on My Happy Husband specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer My husband has no problem getting others to laugh with him. It is hard to have a bad day when the person that I spend my life with is constantly smiling because he looks at the problems from a different angle, and he is confident that he will find the solution immediately. For example, on Thanksgiving Day, we were on a road trip to North Caroline. My husband was driving for twelve hours, but he was making jokes the whole journey. That was very entertaining for the children. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip because the time passed so fast. His human entertains our friends, as well. Frequently we go out with our friends, and he is the center of attention because of his cheerful personality and entertaining way that he talks. One of his favorites remarks is â€Å"I take my wife to different parts of the world every year, but she still somehow manages to find her way back. † I just to hear that and laugh because he cannot move a muscle without me. I feel so proud of him because he always knows how to put a smile on my face. I believe that it is important to always have a positive attitude, and I learned from my husband to have a good point of view in any circumstances. His positive feeling is strong, and it can spread to the people around him. To explain, my husband has a stressful job, and everyday he gets up early to meditate because meditation makes him relax and positive. Even if I come home with a negative attitude, he frequently changes the way that I think because he makes me understand that nothing that happened outside can affect my positive thinking, and it is true. Also, he finds solutions rather than problems. He was weighing two hundred and twenty pounds, and one day he decided to lose weight. He started his routine with exercises and diet; he lost fifty pounds. He teaches everybody to not have fears. For this reason in any difficult or bad circumstances that we have, he always has a positive mindset with a wise solution. This positive emotion makes me to admire my husband more. I consider that my husband is the most inspiring man that I have seen. I am proud of Chris for achieving his goals and finishing his career as an Electrical Engineer. He motivates our children to be successful and great human beings. Moreover, he encourages us to finish and never give up and put a lot of effort in what we do. He also proves to his children that nothing is impossible, that we only need some motivation to accomplish our goals. Similarly for me, whenever I feel like giving up, or have a question or any concern, I know I can always ask him for advice. I have also learned that sometime I have to put other needs ahead of my own, but not to the point they will be to take advantage of me. Also, He is strong during hard times and extremely determined to achieve anything. I hold him in great esteem for how he stands up or for what he believes in, and he will never back down. I have always admired his open mind, compassion, and sense of understanding. In every aspect of my life my husband continuously pushed me too excel in everything that I want to do. He inspires me to start college, and he motived me to begin my new journey. He inspires me so much that now I am becoming a new person with different point of view. Furthermore, Chris is a very spiritual person. He often says, â€Å"spiritual is not only to be a religious people, it is to have peace between souls and mind. † These are not just words because he actually does what he meetings. As an example, he gets up early in the morning to meditate and pray to give thanks for the day. Meditation helps him to be calm and relaxed during the day, so if I ask something of him at any time, he does it without selfish interest. At some point I think nothing is bad for him. His friends always look for him when they have marital or work problems because they consider that he is the most appropriate person to give them good advice and keep secrets. Also, my husband has a passion to help people to learn how to be spiritual and know himself inside out. This quality is the most important attribute that he has. Christian is the friendliest man I have ever met. Anyone who knows him sees that he is absolutely outgoing with everybody. I am very lucky to have a good friend like him. I remember six months ago, when I thought he forgot my birthday because he did not call me, like he does every morning before I start working. When I came back home he had organized a wonderful party with my family and friends. He loves to make parties with a lot of people because he is a really sociable person. He is very unique. He constantly organize meetings at his work an invited all the people around the world. I am truly blessed to have in my life someone who is sociable and hospitable. Not only is Christian my best friend, but also he is the best friend for our sons. Concluding this essay, I can describe my husband as the happiest man in the world, and I see that this man is a very funny person. All the time he has a positive attitude. He inspires me to be the best. He is a spiritual man. He is my best friend. `What I would say to anyone who is unhappy is that you need to fix that; like my husband says, â€Å"happiness comes from within not without. † He is right. No one can make you happy, no one, but you. For all the reasons and comments that I share in this paper I think my husband is role model to fallow. 1225

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Dong Chang Essay Example

Dong Chang Essay Example Dong Chang Essay Dong Chang Essay Background: Dong Chang, a secret police and service sets up by eunuchs during the Ming Dynasty in 1420 and direct under the leadership of the Ming Dynasty. Dong Chang is founded by Zhu Di (the King, Emperor). Although there was a current organization â€Å"Jin Yi Wei† over that period of time, Zhu Di did not trust that organization. Therefore, Zhu Di revolted a number of eunuchs and turned into a very strong organization. Zhu Di believes eunuchs are more reliable. Analyze the Organization (Strategy, size, management, environment, external relationship): The leader of Dong Chang is eunuch called â€Å"Chang Gong†. The punishment and spy departments are the major departments for Dong Chang. Dong Chang has a strict hierarchy of authority. The position is named by the number of staffs. For example, â€Å"Hundred† means that the officer can manage one hundred staffs. Dong Chang is a large organization which covered over Ming Dynasty which is larger than current China and small counties nearby Ming Dynasty. Each type of work have special name. For example, there are officials of various ministries to monitor North Korea, and secretary to watch/to hear the prison criminals in the entire local government. Dong Chang is not only in institutions, but with reasonable staffing in the investigation developed action system. The management is quiet simple. First day of every month their investigation would focus on the work arrangement. Dong Chang’s function is to investigate the plotters and heresies as great wickedness. Dong Chang is powerful as Jin Yi Wei, one person in charge and gives the right to do to follow it. At the beginning, Dong Chang is only responsible to the investigation, arrests, and the rights to without trial the prisoners. But at late of the Ming Dynasty, Dong Chang has its own prison. Dong Chang has the right to monitor government officials, scholars, and other political forces because Dong Chang only needs to report to the emperor. Therefore, because Dong Chang is a special secret service, all officials and scholars are afraid about it, so the external relationship is limited. But Dong Chang does not need to care about the external relationship because its power is too strong and has the right to arrest and kill all people. Critique the Structure of the Organization: Dong Chang is only responsible to the emperor they can do whatever they want. There is no privacy, no one can say no to them. They are watching/hearing every move every word of people. They only trust themselves. They are using an autocracy system. Therefore, sometimes even they carry out illegal actions no one can punish them which is bad and why it fails eventually. A good organization should care about the complaint and to improve, not â€Å"Autocracy†. Insights and Recommendations: This type of organization structure has been around for centuries which placed the CEO (emperor) at the top and everyone else was arranged in layers down below, as illustrated in the diagram above. The emperor gave authority to Dong Chang’s leader (Chang Gong) but one must still report to the emperor for any kind of activities. With hierarchy of authority and specific rules and procedures, bureaucracy control is taking place. However, this approach has many disadvantages such as slow response to new opportunities, unforeseen threats like terrorist attacks, or organizational crises. Our recommendation is to use a temporary structure to respond to an emergency or crisis situation. This means that it still get to maintain the efficiency and control benefits of bureaucracy yet prevent the problem of slow response. The hierarchical side with its rules, procedures, and chain of command maintain control and ensure obedience to rules that have been developed and tested over many years to cope with well-understood problems and situations. However, during times of high uncertainty, the most effective structure is one that loosens the lines of command and enables people to work across departmental and hierarchical lines to anticipate, avoid, and solve unique problems within the context of a clearly understood mission and guidelines. This would be more effective in any type of military organization.

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Furniture Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Furniture Marketing - Case Study Example The owner, Martin Smith has designed a new product and is willing to launch it on 25th of March 2010. As the world is currently experiencing a recession, consideration will need to be paid to the price and dynamics of the product. This will be achieved by the marketing and strategy plan. Having experience for eight years in producing furniture, Mr. Martin has come up with the idea of producing a computer desk that can be used to study as well. What makes this product different from other computer desks in the market is the ability to adjust the size and adapt to the room size (Bennington, 2004). The product design is attractive and can be ordered in different colors. The non-adjustable part of the desk is 75cm (horizontal). There are extensions on either side of the desk that can be extended by 40cm. Its height is 72cm and the legs are metallic. Both sides of the desk have drawer space which can contain CDs, books or the PC case. The total weight will be 67.5Kg. The current UK legislation may have a negative impact due to increase in taxes. If taxes increase this increase may have to be passed down to the customer. Thus price of the product will increase. This will affect the business. Transport costs too would be affected. Because of credit crunch many students from different cultural backgrounds will be reluctant to register in universities. ... The cost of the desk is affordable to the majority Since there are some value added features in this product there is bound to be greater demand for this desk Weaknesses Since there are many similar products in the market there will be a stiff competition Since this is a new product the people would be reluctant to buy it Opportunities Since computers are used by the majority of the public at homes, offices, universities and colleges there is a greater demand for computer desks. Product placement strategy related opportunities. Company can place the product in well researched market segments like universities and colleges in London. It can make use of its manufacturing division and technical control division to enhance efficiency by reducing costs. Threats Market penetration pricing strategy adopted by rival furniture manufactures is a threat. Total Concept also has to adopt a similar strategy. The bigger rivals have a better supply chain advantage. They buy products at cheaper prices thus can afford to sell it at cheaper prices 3.2 PEST Analysis PEST Analysis is a strategic analysis method that is used to understand market growth and the business position potentials and directions. Political The current UK legislation may have a negative impact due to increase in taxes. If taxes increase this increase may have to be passed down to the customer. Thus price of the product will increase. This will affect the business. Transport costs too would be affected. Social Because of credit crunch many students from different cultural backgrounds will be reluctant to register in universities. This will have a negative effect on the

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Identify and discuss the concept of time to market with respect to the Essay

Identify and discuss the concept of time to market with respect to the commercialization - Essay Example Launching a product is the ultimate stage in its development and is the stage where most resources are put into play in acts such as advertisement of the product, its promotion and other acts aimed at marketing it. According to Kotler (2008), a marketer or the company must therefore decide on the action plan for introducing the product in the market through a proper implementation of its decisions through the development of a marketing mix that has a proper budget, of which timing is integral. The time to launch and market a product varies depending on companies or the marketer as well as how complex the product is and for the purposes of a marketer launching a product, time is defined as the period from the time the product is conceived until it is launched (Cooper, 2001). Time plays an important factor in the success of a product and it is important that marketers launch their products at the time when there is a good economic situation in order to reap from maximum sales of the products (Kotler, 2003). Market researchers have argued before that, in order to have a maximum uptake of your product that will ultimately lead to value addition of the product. The marketer must avoid any acts that may seem to be aimed at cannibalizing products that are already in the market and the products should only be launched when there are no improvements that can be made to it in the near future. Further, marketers must be aware that the commercialization plan can only be successful wh en the timing of the launch is the correct time (Masterson and Pickton, 2010). When faced with the danger of cannibalizing the uptake of other products marketed by the marketer or their sales, or when the economy is facing a downturn, the launch of the product should be delayed. Value creation a product intended for the market depends on a number of factors that must be able to satisfy the often compelling and competitive needs of the customer. This is because, by delivering products of